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Its function is similar to that of Global Marketing—that is to say, Global Medical Affairs defines a broad overall medical affairs strategy and ensures that the activities across markets are aligned and that redundant efforts are avoided. Directly address patient medical needs, for example, through a seamless combination of engagement on social platforms and new tools that support patients on their medical journey. Please click "Accept" to help us improve its usefulness with additional cookies. Medical Affairs teams demonstrate leadership and value each year through the annual strategic planning process that aligns all multifunctional MA competencies on common objectives needed to support the product and organization. The Director, Medical Affairs Strategy is a versatile, flexible and experienced professional with medical oncology expertise. Practical resources to help leaders navigate to the next normal: guides, tools, checklists, interviews and more. They are involved into the planning and generating evidence. A far larger and more ambitious vision for medical affairs is defined by the following: How we gather, integrate, and interpret data will define the future. Today we see an even clearer case for medical affairs taking on a more strategic leadership role in the face of current technology, economic, and regulatory trends. The future will see a broad expansion of medical engagement across providers, patients, and others—across a range of touchpoints that will be increasingly digital—designed to provide tailored information, support tools, and innovative approaches to education focused on improving outcomes. We expect to see a clear articulation of clinical and economic value to providers, corporatized providers, and patients. Use minimal essential cookies, Pharmaceutical & Medical Products Practice. The medical support needs of novel therapies necessitates a strategic evaluation of the medical affairs function. Medical affairs plays a pivotal role in communicating with external experts and clinicians, and is key to identifying unmet medical needs, raising awareness with clinicians, and providing valuable feedback and insights that can better inform an organization’s development strategy. Thanks for your interest in the Medical Affairs Strategy Specialist position. Subscribed to {PRACTICE_NAME} email alerts. Launch phase: to educate on clinical evidence and product use. The insights collection should aim to close internal data or knowledge gaps. Medical Affairs is both strategically and operationally critical in planning, creating, and delivering differentiated scientific and clinical value in product launch readiness planning. This imperative is accelerating the evolution of medical affairs as the third strategic pillar of the organization alongside R&D and commercial. Leading Strategies to Advance Medical Science Communications, Engage with KOLs Compliantly, Conduct Effective Investigator Studies and Ensure Excellence Throughout Your Medical Affairs Team A 360 degree view of the medical affairs landscape that brings together Investigator Initiated Sponsored Research (IISR), Expanded Access Programs (EAP) and Medical Publications & Communications. It sets general guidelines for … We can help you develop a stronger, more strategic and high-performing team and by aligning your strategy with the needs of different stakeholders. The four pillars can Seek out cross-industry collaboration to advance the function and build talent—examples include PhactMI, the Medical Affairs Leadership Academy (MALA), and the Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS). Pre-launch phase: to build awareness and confirm product understanding. Business models are starting to evolve both around and beyond the “product” to encompass the wider therapeutic context, while organizations seek to explain and contextualize the ever-more-complex medical science to a diverse range of stakeholders (physicians, patients, payers). Track A: Tailor Global Medical Strategy Based on the Needs of Regional Partners Track B: Case Study: Review the Impact of Real-World Evidence on Medical Affairs Strategy Track C: Panel: How Medical Affairs Can Help Prepare the Market for a New Drug Launch Track D: Discuss Key Strategies for your Internal Investigator Initiated Study Operations Innovation in both digital technology and the bio sciences is advancing at a furious pace, while the quantity of data generated is skyrocketing. Learn more about cookies, Opens in new

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