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Updated every three hours. Climate data and weather averages in Columbia. Internet speed in Colombia is on average 4.5 Mbps. Precipitation exceeds 7,600 millimeters (299.2 in) annually in most of the Pacific lowlands, making this one of the wettest regions in the world. Not really more rain that Oregon, but more consistent and forceful in Bogota. Interesting observations about Geography > Average rainfall in depth > Mm per year . » Paraguay » Peru » South Orkney Isl. Average rainfall is about 20 days each month. In the low areas on the Caribbean coast (the north) there is a dry season from December to March, the rest of the year is rainy. Colombia: 2,612 2008: 11: Fiji: 2,592 2008: 12: Sierra Leone: 2,526 2008: 13: Singapore: 2,497 ... Countries Compared Map. Share Details. 000 NOUS41 KCTP 181955 PNSCTP PAZ010-011-017-200500-Public Information Statement National Weather Service State College PA 255 PM EST Wed Nov 18 2020 Webby People’s Voice Award. Map of the Darién Gap and the break in the Pan-American Highway between Yaviza, Panama and Turbo, Colombia Climate [ edit ] Rainfall reaches 1,700 to 2,000 mm (67 to 79 in) near the inlet of Garachiné , with a marked dry period between January and April (a tropical savanna climate , Aw on the Köppen climate classification ). Average Temperature: Bogota. Colombia – Heavy Rain Causes Deadly Landslide in Cauca. This climate is a characteristic in the cities like Pereira, Armenia, Ibagué Popayán and Medellín. The period used for computing the climatology is 1979-2000. Our interactive map allows you to see the local & national weather © 2020 AccuWeather, Inc. "AccuWeather" and sun design are registered trademarks of AccuWeather, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Pacific Coast: The Pacific coast in the northwest of Colombia also has a hot, tropical climate, but rainfall is higher, and year-round. Tayrona National Park: the most beautiful part of Colombia. The only genuinely variable climatic element is the amount of annual precipitation. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 76°F to 88°F and is rarely below 73°F or above 91°F. South America’s Leading Destination. Position your mouse over the map and use your mouse-wheel to zoom in or out. Sally won’t be a hurricane when the storm reaches the Columbia area, but heavy rain, flooding and tornadoes are all possible, the National Weather Service said. Durch Klicken auf den Button abonnieren Sie unseren Newsletter und bestätigen, dass Sie die Datenschutzhinweise von Columbia Sportswear gelesen und verstanden haben und mit der Verarbeitung Ihrer persönlichen Daten zu Marketingzwecken einverstanden sind. The rainfall in Vanadzor is significant, with precipitation even during the driest month. Medelln Weather Forecasts. km) Rural land area where elevation is below 5 meters (% of total land area) Urban land area where elevation is below 5 meters (% of total land area) Land area (sq. The southern portion of Colombia is covered by the western Amazon Rainforest. Sie können sich jederzeit von unserem Newsletter abmelden. Because Colombia is exposed to both El Niño and La Niña phenomena, precipitation records vary widely over time and space, with some periods characterized by heavy rainfall and others by pervasive droughts. Rainfall is incredibly high, though not as high as on the Pacific coast, and day time temperatures linger around 30°C. Get AccuWeather alerts as they happen with our browser notifications. METAR, TAF and NOTAMs for any airport in the World. Find the the date of the monthly estimated rainfall map by moving your mouse over the map until you see several icons appear above the map. Temperature in Colombia decreased to 25.45 celsius in December from 25.50 celsius in November of 2015. SYNOP codes from weather stations and buoys. Good news: It is not perfect, however, the weather in Colombia that month is pretty good in Santa Marta.I allows to enjoy vacation in this area. Best time to visit Colombia. Forecast models ECMWF, GFS, NAM and NEMS km) Urban land area (sq. Read more technical information in the … Precipitation in Colombia decreased to 96.30 mm in December from 173.86 mm in November of 2015. Esri WorldStreetMap Esri DeLorme Esri WorldTopoMap Esri WorldImagery Esri WorldTerrain Esri WorldShadedRelief Esri WorldPhysical Esri OceanBasemap Esri NatGeoWorldMap Esri WorldGrayCanvas Stamen Toner Stamen Terrain Stamen Watercolor MapBox Example The weather is pleasant during these months and many festivals take place at this time. Minca is a tiny village in the tropical rain forest of Colombia and is an oasis of tranquility. Colombia's leisure and MICE destinations, as well as its tourism promotion platform, have been awarded various prizes and recognitions throughout the years. Annual Weather Averages Near Columbia. Temperatures vary little throughout the year. Likewise, northern Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Venezuela all reported rainfall deficits and drought conditions in February and March. Help. Rainfall in the hot zone is heaviest in the Pacific lowlands and in parts of eastern Colombia, where rain is almost a daily occurrence and rain forests predominate. City rainfall data are from a single site, corresponding to the center of a grid box. The best time and weather to travel to Colombia 2020. The ineractive map makes it easy to navitgate around the globe. Snow blowers worth the investment this winter, Eight expert tips for safely chopping down your own Christmas tree, AccuWeather School: Tasty treat helps understand icy weather.

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